Agile: Lean Startup

Posted by Olena on June 15, 2019


I started to learn Agile by pure eccident and now I am in love with this concept. It frees creativity and all sort of wild ideas in a very structured narrow way that is scientifically proven to give an outcome of much desired increased rate of business success on a large scale. It’s giving you wings to fly to a destination which is not ambiguous - but very precise, detailed and even alive to the degree that you can talk to it.

Agile combines many approaches under it’s umbrella. One of them is a quick and sweet way of testing ideas - Lean Startup.

The Lean Startup book and movement grew out of Eric Ries‘ work on applying the principals from the lean manufacturing movement to the creation of startups. The goal of lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste, ‘muda’ in Japanese. In this context, a startup is any venture that hasn’t yet validated a ‘product/market fit’, meaning they have a proposition they can reliably sell to a particular type of customer.

The focal point of Lean Startup is the Build-Measure-Lean loop. It looks like it’s supposed to start with Build, but actually you’re supposed to start with Learn so you have high quality ideas that you’re testing.

You know DropBox, don’t you? Did you know that they have not initially received financing ftom a bank, but were too excited about their idea to win the world that they came up with a cheap and quick way to test their big idea with very short funds in hand. Here is what they did.

My take away from this is that the main mistake the business can make is to think they have a control over their product. False. Once it released to the wild users are the ones to control it. That is why businesses should include them in right from the start point. User’s Persona should be alive and present through all the stages of the development and then and only then you have some ideas what would happen to your baby in the wild. In this case you will simply hand it to your now best friend - your very unique product user Persona.

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