Hello world!

my coding adventure

Developer Collaboration

For the past year I have learned a lot. What trully amazes me is how much I can learn from others. If I have a problem to crash or stuck with some errors simple googling gives me a lot of good options to choose from. I can always ask questions on developers forums and have customized advised from very smart people in no time.

React/Redux Art Studio Website

For my final project I decided to make an art studio website. The template I choose was clean a simple: white background, simple images and a minimum menu setting.

Rails with JS Backend

The next step of improving my Home Health Scheduler Application was to add backend feature through Java Script and JSON API.

Rails HHC Scheduler

As I go farther through Flatiron School Curriculum my project gets more complecated. Amazing Rails allows to make so many thing so quickly! It’s like magic.

HHC Scheduler. Sinatra Portfolio Project

In Home Health Care Industry schedules for medical personnels and aids are the crusial part of work. Each registered nurse visits up to 15 patients a day, aids work 1-2 hours in each client’s house and then go to a different home. This is what the main mission of Home Health Care is - to bring help and support to the doors of client’s house.