React.JS Client with Ruby on Rails API. Stage 1: Conceptualization

Posted by Olena on January 4, 2019

App development is about solving problems. There is a need in the world and an app may help to address it. What is that need?

Technologies can make our lives easier, more efficient, and more convenient. This is the luxury we take advantage of in a lot of aspects of our lives. Uber is just a click away on your phone, a favorite video is instantly accessible while you are relaxing on a couch, any item of food/furniture/etc can be ordered by a verbal request through Alexa and delivered straight to your door. Is that not awesome?

So, when I have an idea of adding a new activity to my life such as healthy dieting, participating in a book club, running a community event, planning a party the first question that comes to my mind is what technology can I use to coordinate and manage that activity? Life is unimaginable without technologies these days.

The book club that I started almost three years ago has been somewhat successfully managed on facebook, but that was definitely not the best solution in terms of simplicity, efficiency and convenience. The information about past and future events was getting buried among large number of posts and comments and was getting harder and harder to retrieve. Great thoughts and ideas were piling up and being forgotten due to absence of good organizing tools to keep them easily accessible. So it was time to think of a better conceptual solution – a customized website.

*Conceptualization is an idea that addresses the why question. Why do we need this app in the first place? What problem does it solve for us? After a quick assessment, I identified the need in an app for managing and coordinating book club activities including scheduling events, keeping information about members and books, managing reviews, etc. Next step is to address the how. *